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50_blushes's Journal

The 50 Different Blushes Fanfic Challenge
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The focus is a 50 theme set about blushing for fanfic writers
50 Blushes Community Info


Welcome to 50 Blushes! Here, you'll find 50 challenges waiting for you that will make a character's, from any fandom, face burn with emotion. Anybody can sign up and the restrictions on writing here are close to limitless. So join us, read the rules, claim your character, and get those fingers typing away. Enjoy~

Community Rules~

The main rule is that every fic must involve blushing or at least a reference to it. You do not have to use the word "blush" if you don't want to, just as long as the audience gets the idea.

Claiming Rules

1. Join the Community

2. Check the claimed list Here

3. Read the following rules before you claim a pairing:

- The maiximum amount of pairings you can claim are 3.

-If you choose to claim 3, you can only have 2 pairings per fandom.

- To make it fair , if you choose to have 2 pairings from a fandom, your second pairing can not have have any of the characters from the first.

- A pairing can only be claimed once (For more info read below for more info on this)

- Types of Pairings allowed are: Het, Yaoi, Yuri, Crossover, etc.

- The only types not allowed are threesomes and original characters, but if the amount of people who ask me (you may ask Here) to put these two in are high, I will change the rule.

4. Once you have read all these rules, you may claim your pairings Here

Posting and Commenting Rules

1. First off all don't post your story in the community, if your claimed hasn't been approved. It will be deleted and you will get a warning. You may, however, comment on other's stories.

2. When commenting or posting please be courteous to other members. We're not in kindergarden anymore, so please do not bash, harass or uncontructively criticize other members and their stories. I believe in the 3 strikes policy so be careful.

3. When posting a fanfic, just about anything is allowed as long as it is readable XD. So yes you can be creative and make AU stories, Song fics, Poems, Multichaptered, etc. with the challenges.

4. Of course, the challenges can be in any order.

5. You can use up to 2 challenges per fanfic if you wish to.

6. All ratings are allowed, but must be labeled corectly.

7. All fics, no matter how short must be placed behind an LJ cut and yes, fake cuts are allowed.

Rules on Dropping a Claim or If You have Finished a Claim

1. There is no rush to finish but (in order to give others a chance) if you are inactive in the community for 3 months, your claim(s) will be removed from the claimed list.

2. If you feel like you can't finish a claim and would like to make my life easier, you may drop your claim Here.

3. If you have finished a claim then you may post your success Here.

Format for Posting~

Subject Line = Fandom, pairing, challege # and name

Example: Bleach, IchigoxRukia, #31 Random

Your post should then contain the following (you can add anything else if you want)=

Pairing and Fandom
Challenge # and name
Rating and warnings if necessary

Title: The Next Day
Author: kirbycat89
Pairing: IchigoxRukia (Bleach)
Challenge: #31 Random
Rating: G
Warning: Spoilers for chapters 280 and above

Or something close to that.

The Table~

1. Black 2. White 3. Summer 4. Winter 5. Weather
6. Sleep 7. Whisper 8. Illusion 9. Live 10. Sit
11. Scream 12. Manipulate 13. Frantic 14. Drunk 15. Shock
16. Essential 17. Smear 18. Please 19. Lick 20. Sound
21. Void 22. Impossible 23. Lonely 24. Hate 25. Wordless
26. Moment 27. Time 28. Picture 29. Day 30. Memory
31. Random 32. Smell 33. Lost 34. Friend 35. Shadow
36. Hug 37. Secret 38. Three 39. Ache 40. Hands
41. Weird 42. Colors 43. Wrong 44. Selfish 45. Anger
46. Indirect Kiss 47. Oops! 48. Inches Apart 49. ...What!? 50. I'm Not Blushing!

Extras and Affiliates~

Currently Affilated with 7rainbowprompts

Mod: kirbycat89

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