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Kingdom Hearts, RikuxSora, two: white


Title: What the Little Glass Box Holds

Authoress: moerikyo; SuspendedSilverWing

Pairing(s): RikuxSora [main], various others.

Chapter and Challenge: Two; It holds matter. (two: white)

Rating: Teen

Beta: kannachan27

Warnings: Language, something akin to violence, and maybe suggestive things later. Maybe. TALK OF CHARACTERS FROM THE WORLD ENDS WITH YOU (Basically Joshua and Neku…).

Author's Notes: Guess who’s not dead yet!? MEEEEE!! And doing a mass post soon. X3



What the Little Glass Box Holds

Answer Two: It Holds Matter


Sora had no idea what to do. He knew that he was going to get in so much trouble already with that girl from before, Naminé. She was going to hand him his apples the next time they met; that, or she would ask him if he let anyone in or if someone came to see him. He would have to tell her the truth, for he was always bad at telling lies. It was as if he was incapable of telling a lie; maybe it was because his mother had pounded the fact that lying was bad into his head.

Still, Sora wondered, going through the list of people he knew in his head, was he going to be able to find someone to talk to and be able to ask them for help?

Maybe Sora could call Yoshiya and Neku; they would understand his predicament. After all, Yoshiya was an angel of the highest level and he could help him out a little bit. Then again, Neku could probably understand more than his husband, so Sora supposed that it would be smarter to ask for the human more than the “Composer”, as Yoshiya liked to call himself.

He supposed that the silver-haired man was just that way sometimes.

That was what he was thinking as he attempted to carry the angel into his mansion, kicking the door closed absent-mindedly. His cobalt eyes brightened as he looked around and he sighed lightly, defeated and at a loss for what to do with the angel he had found in his courtyard. Sora decided to just give him a shower to start off with, and he would figure it out from there. How he was going to figure anything out was just something he would have to try and work out before he was at a loss for what to do.

It was only when he had the angel’s tattered clothes and broken armor off of him that Sora realized he had no idea how to tend to an injured person, or even cook for that matter; especially not for an angel! Did they have a preference? Was Sora going to get in trouble when the angel woke up? He had watched his mother do a great number of things with her song magic, healing people with the power derived from the mystical words of their ancestors and even baking with a few lyrics of another song, but Sora had no functions in singing. It was not his forte, and he was bound to mess up. He knew no song magic.

However, as Sora placed the fallen body in the large porcelain tub of water and got in holding the running shower head, he figured he could at least clean the wounds out and dress them appropriately. He gently ran a warm, wet white wash cloth down the man’s face, the temperature of the slick substance coming from the shower head soon following his motions and cascading down the man’s head. Mud was washed from his shoulder length hair to reveal strange, pearl spun silver locks, descending to broad shoulder, and moonlight pale skin. He tried not to look anymore and held the man to him, slowly reaching out to clean the enormous, dirty wings attached to the man’s back. It was just so hard not to admire the ripped muscles and tone body, the flawless complexion and the angel’s sheer beauty.

As the dirt and grime was washed away from the wings, it revealed an endlessly midnight black wing on the left side of the angel’s back and a bright, pure, snow-white wing on the right side. The feathers were no longer caked in the yucky brown substance from the ground outside and seemed to glow in an eerie way in the light of the bathroom. One white feather attached itself to the cloth Sora was using to clean the large appendages, and the brunet immediately pulled it away in fear of accidentally plucking any more.

Upon further investigation, Sora saw that the angel’s black wing had a rather think, dark indigo horn at its top joint, joined with the soft looking pitch black feathers of the wing. And, where the two wings sprouted forth from the man’s body on both sides of his spine there were two large scars, as if sprouting those wings caused them to show on his originally flawless skin. The sympathy hit the human immediately like a ten ton sledge hammer being slammed into his conscious, making his hands drop what they were holding and move forward, the rag and shower head falling into the water below.

His hands ran across the scars and he barely missed the sudden noise that left the angel’s lips. His fingertips grazed the smooth expanse of porcelain skin and scar tissue, and he gently pushed on the joints where the wings came out from the body. The angel jolted slightly and his eyes opened slowly at the sudden tingling feeling that ran up his spine, delaying when opening as if his eyes were accustoming to the light.

Sora decided not to chance his life, seeing as the angel was awake, but not before noticing that there seemed to be places under and next to the pair of celestial wings where there were scars forming there as well. He seemed to think that there were supposed to be wings there as well. He moved his hands into the water, moving in a quick motion to look the at the man’s face. “A-are you o…kay?” His breath was swept away from his oxygen capacity as he stared straight into heterochromatic eyes, one a light sea blue and the other a bright, spring green, halting his breathing process and making his heart clutch painfully in his chest.

The angel just blinked at him, looking as if he was unable to understand what Sora was saying to him. He looked down in the water and brought a hand up through the substance, clenching it and watching the liquid roll off of the skin of his palm. His face was void of any expression and he just seemed so utterly confused. It was as if he was looking at everything in a new light; as if everything was bright and warm to him.

Slowly the angel looked around and eventually back at Sora before his clenched hand reached out to run across Sora’s cheek, brushing against the soft skin gently. His mouth opened in a fish-like motion as if he were trying to say something, but quickly closed his mouth and pulled his fine silver brows together in genuine confusion. If Sora had to say, the divine being honestly looked like he had no idea what was going on.

He tried once more as the male—yes, this angel was a man—ran his knuckles down his cheek, opening his hand to run his palm down his neck. Was it his imagination, or was this angel trying to feel his surroundings? Surely, the silveret was not blind. “Um, are you okay?” He repeated slowly, not understanding if the other heard him or was just not ignoring him.

A glossy pair of eyes met his and the angel’s wings began to stretch slightly, only to be stopped by Sora’s hands clamping over them quickly, startling the angel on contact. His lower lip seemed to tremble and the brunet only shook his head furiously. “N-no, you just can’t expand your wings like that! You’ll break my bath tub!” He said quickly, trying to explain himself to the quivering angel.

The wings shook slightly and proceeded to fold slowly, the man’s broad shoulders slumping.

He was cute.

Sora smacked himself at the thought of such a stupid thing. This angel was cute? He scoffed; that was the stupidest thing to ever run through his mind. The angel was taller than him, had more muscle that him, and good lord was more masculine in every way. But, it seemed as if he was unable to understand his speech. Sora was at a loss for what to say, so he bit his lip nervously. What was he going to do?

He stood and walked over the edge of the bathtub, glancing back at the wibbling angel. The man was going to get pruny from being in there for so long. Sora grabbed a towel and wrapped it around his waist, quickly grabbing another and holding his hand out to the silver-haired angel sitting in the tub and looking at him sadly.

His mother always told him that angel’s understood several languages, and that the main was Hymmnos. Sora knew some Hymmnos, but not enough to hold a conversation. He knew his own language fluently, and angels were required to learn it as well just in case a human stepped out of line and needed to be regulated by the hierarchy. And so, Sora was confused as to why this angel was unable to understand him. Still, it was worth a try, right?

“U-um…kiafa hynne mea?” Can you hear my voice? He asked quietly, watching as the angel’s head snapped up and tilted to the side curiously. Sora tried again, elaborating a little. “Kiafa hynne mea? Pagle tes yor…” Can you hear my voice; the voice that is calling out to you?

The angel’s lips quirked upwards slightly. “Fou paks ga kiafa hynne yor.” Yes, I could hear your voice. He answered.

So, this angel only answered to Hymmnos? Sora had a problem on his hands. He knew Hymmnos, but there was a limit to what he knew.

He helped the other out of the tub, smiling lightly when the angel clung to him, trying to balance himself. It was as if he was learning the steps all over again, except at ten times the speed. Eventually, they fumbled around into the bedroom and Sora got the other to sit on the bed. He told the other to stay where he was, in Hymmnos, and walked over to his particularly large closet, looking for clothes for him and the angel. He would clean the angel’s armor in the morning before he took him to the hospital.

He would have to see Yoshiya and Neku first, it seemed.


It was bright, sunny morning as Neku Sakuraba awoke to do the chores in the house like the good little "house wife" he was. He remembered that Naminé liked to tease him about such a nickname, frequently so. The boy tried avoiding her, but she was everywhere. Well, at least she helped him clean when she was over. She was like a part-time maid for them, and a mysterious fortune teller otherwise. He merely hoped that she turned out like her mother, and not like her father or older brother, Luxord.

The phone rang on the stand in the hallway, halting his movement in putting the dishes away and making him walk out of the kitchen and down the hall, near his and his lover's room. He picked up the phone, long fingers curling around the handle. "Hello?" Neku answered sheepishly, not bothering to be polite about it. He heard a familiar voice on the other line and smiled faintly, twirling the cord of the phone around his index finger. "Oh, good morning Sora. How are you this lovely morning...?"

"I have a situation--I think I may need to talk to Joshua..."

"All right. I'll tell him and open the door for you," the boy said as he maneuvered his way to his room, ignoring the grandeur of it all. “Joshua! Hey, Joshua, Sora said he needs to talk to us about something,” a too-orange-to-be-red haired boy yelled as he opened a cherry wood door, lips falling to a frown as his blue eyes found the source of his search on a rather large bed, sleeping. The boy huffed and walked into the room, putting the phone he held down, and casually strode over to the bed. “Joshua…maybe you should wake up so we can resolve this peacefully.”

The aforementioned silver haired man mumbled something incoherent in his sleep and rolled over on his side, his back to the other boy. The one more awake waved his hand and thwacked it straight on the side of the slumbering angel’s head, immediately making the other jolt awake yelling, “NEKU!”

Neku snorted and crossed his arms over his chest. “Glad to see your finally with us, Josh,” he drawled as he walked away from the bed and back over to the phone, picking it up with a sigh and pressing it to his ear. “So, where are you now?” He asked with a laugh, hearing Sora giggle on the other line.

Joshua rubbed his head and pouted slightly, sitting up in bed and stretching his six wings lazily, limbs soon following suit. “You’re so mean, Nekky. I was only trying to sleep some; there was no need to hit me,” he complained as he slipped out of bed and ran a hand through his messy hair, amethyst hues traveling to Neku’s thin frame. He finally noticed the phone and strode over to the other, pressing his ear to the back of the phone to try and listen to what the other person was talking about.

“All right,” Neku said quickly, moving to get away from his significant other before he had some brilliant idea. “I’ll go and unlock the door then. See you then.” He pressed the end button and hung the phone up properly when he encountered the stand down the hall, only then returning his attention to the sleepy angel following him.

With a yawn, the silveret cracked his neck and put an arm around Neku’s shoulders when he reached him. “So, what are your plans for today?” He asked, voice a low purr.

The auburn haired individual rolled his eyes and walked out of the half embrace in favor of turning around the corner and walking into the kitchen. “I’m going to start some coffee, make sure we’re not out of sugar, and then I’m going to unlock the door for Sora and his new ‘guest’,” Neku stated matter of factly.

“Oh?” Joshua questioned as he followed the other once more, only this time making a few extra steps to check the cabinet, seeing a large pink and white bag labeled sugar right in front of him. “We have plenty of sugar. And what’s this I hear about him having a new guest?”

Neku shrugged. “I have no idea. He said it was important that he talked to you, so…I’m going to get the door now,” he said as he suddenly ran away from the coffee maker, leaving Joshua to finish the job. He ran down a hall and straight into the living room where the door was near the stairs. He quickly unlocked it, and opened it immediately after, finding Sora there with a raised fist poised to knock, his other hand holding another’s tightly.

The brunet blinked and put his hand down, smiling slightly for the orange-haired teen in front of him. "Hey, Neku...this is the guest I was telling you about...do you know him or something?" Sora asked as he waved his raised hand in the red head's face. "You look like you've seen a ghost..." He said, moving that hand to scratch the back of his head nervously.

Neku gaped widely, his mouth hanging open in shock. "R-Riku...?" He questioned weakly, blue eyes flying to the angel's hand, seeing it in Sora's, clasped tightly.

Sora smiled brightly. "So you know who this is!?" He asked, face the epitaph of happiness.

"Y-yeah...his name is Riku...um, come on in I guess," the red head said as he moved out of the doorway for the two men to walk in, 'Riku' immediately staring at his surroundings and taking them in with a confused expression. Neku watched the angel grip Sora's hand tighter as he moved closer, as if he feared something in the room. The reds, the golds, the whites, and the purples must have been too much for the confused angel to handle in his current state of mind.

The brunet shook his head and led Riku to the living room, glancing at the red velvet of the couch and toss pillows there, before he sat Riku down and slid next to him. "Do you know what this is? It's rudje," red, "bautifal?" Beautiful?

The corners of the angel's lips tipped up slightly, and there was a nod, a positive gesture, a yes.

Joshua's head peek out from the kitchen, and the silveret immediately slipped back in upon seeing his proxy on the couch. A hand flew to the side of his head, a finger twirling in his hair. "What do we have here...?" He asked himself as he giggled and strode over to the fridge, opening it with a firm tug. He eyes the cooled sugar product in the corner and giggled again. "I wonder who broke the law first? Riku or..."

After a few minutes, Joshua came into the living room and handed Riku a piece of cake and a fork. He watched the angel stare at the food and fork before he began poking at it curiously. Joshua then laughed and sat next to Riku, asking Sora to tell him what the deal was, and why exactly Riku was with him in the first place. Once Sora told him the story, the God merely shook his head and glanced at his troubled lover.

Neku sighed and sat down with Sora and Riku, examining the angel closely. "You're...you're joking right?"

"Amnesia can do that to people, angel or human," Joshua said with a shrug, glancing at Riku's plate, only to see that the cake was gone. He snorted and covered his mouth, looking away quickly. "Normally, I would so get killed for that one, but this is far too good. Yeah, he definitely has amnesia."

Cobalt eyes blinked in time with Joshua's words, and Sora quickly crossed his arms over his chest. "Do you...know who he is exactly?" He asked with the full intention of pinpointing who the angel was so he could tell the doctors later, and they could treat the angel properly.

With a quick shrugging motion, Joshua was back on his feet, stretching out long ways. "His name is Riku--he's the angel that stands between light and dark as twilight. See his eyes? They’re aquamarine for the light, and that pretty green that reminds you of spring or jade stones for the darkness; only he has those pretty eyes. Amazing little bugger, this one is; second strongest in the heavens, and a fair opponent for the Composer. He's a cruel little fairy man, too, let me tell you..." He then shook his head and raised a hand to his temple, twirling a lock of his hair on his finger once more. "But, it doesn't look like he can do even a one hundredth on the things he could have now. Adding to that, you just said that he only understands Hymmnos...that's probably the only thing he hasn't forgotten, other than the ability to walk and breathe. Pretty interesting if you ask me..."

"Wh-what should I do with him?" Sora asked, his eyes following the elder's every move when he paced across the room and back.

"There's only one thing you can do with him, really, and that's just to take care of him and watch over him for a while. You wouldn't mind doing that for me would you?" Yoshiya asked as his pacing ceased, and he gave a slight giggle. His eyes sparkled with something that Neku knew but didn't call on his part. "It'll be your special mission from the Composer. How does that sound?”

You ass...you just don't want to take care of him yourself, Sora seethed on the inside, but merely nodded meekly. "Fine. I don't mind taking care of him," he agreed as his lips drew into a firm pout, arms coming across his chest. "But, only because I know you're a lazy, lazy man and couldn't take care of yourself on your own, let alone another living being."

The right hand came up to cover his heart, while Joshua's other hand met his temple as he craned his head back in mock hurt. "Oh, how you wound me so!" He said dramatically, and Sora suddenly wondered how Neku could deal with someone like him for more than five minutes at a time. “Ah, ah, ah…but I take of Neku, don’t I?”

At such a question, both Sora and Neku snorted, saying in such deadpan unification that Joshua had to gape, “No, it’s the other way around, wing man.”

Joshua quickly shook his head and placed his hands on his hips. “That’s just wrong. I can’t have you two teaming up on me!” He glanced at Riku, who was currently preoccupying himself with a patch of velvet next to his leg. “Riku, yes, Riku shall back me up! Won’t you, my darling angel, Truelywaath!?”

Riku continued picking at the fabric, not understanding that he was being spoken to.

“Gah, I forgot…damn,” the silveret quickly looked at Sora. “Take care of him while I figure out what we’re supposed to do about his memory. Take him back home with you, and don’t let him out of your sight.”

Sora straightened up and nodded, swiftly rising from his seat and taking Riku’s free hand, causing the amnesiac angel to shoot him a confused look. At such a look, the brunet smiled reassuringly, making Riku smile back and get up, the plate and fork on the couch beside him.

Waving good bye to his two guests, Neku watched them leave before he turned to his lover and glared at him, hard. “I hope you’re not planning anything, Yoshiya Kiryuu,” he seethed venomously as he walked passed the elder man.

Smirking, Joshua shrugged. “Now, now, dear… don’t kill me just because I want to have a little bit of fun—”

“Don’t play with Sora,” Neku shouted, quickly cutting the other off as he turned around sharply. “He’s not your play thing, and he’s still hurting from Ms. Aerith’s death. If you’re doing something stupid, I swear to God I’ll—”

The silveret sighed deeply, crossing his arms over his chest and shaking his head. “Trust me a little, dear. I wouldn’t hurt the poor boy, and you know that. Pain and longing are essential to growth, and death is no different from such. I’m not stupid,” Joshua’s eyes caught Neku’s, “I know what I’m doing.”

Neku snorted and threw his hands up in the air, turning back around and walking off. “It’s your funeral if Sora gets hurt,” he muttered angrily as he walked into the kitchen, clanging pots and pans as he took them out to cook. He always cooked when he was angry, and during those times the best and most elaborate dishes were made.

Joshua smiled. “Of course…”


“Sora! Oh my goodness, it is Sora!”

Sora silently cursed himself and pulled Riku closer by his hand instinctively. He was in so much shit. They weren’t even a few yards away from Joshua and Neku’s apartment before a blonde girl with large blue eyes, wearing a rather pretty, frilly white dress and snow white boots that were high enough to the point where they went up in her dress ran up to Sora and embraced him warmly. And, the brunet was unable to find the real urge to push her away, partly because he knew who she was, and partly becasuse he thought that hugs were the coolest thing since sliced bread.

“N-Naminé…hi…” He said shakily.

Naminé smiled brightly as she pulled back, placing an arm behind her while the other rose in a friendly wave. “Hi there, So-ra. How are you doing? Did you let anyone in?” She asked as she lifted her gaze to the male behind Sora, seeing his eyes twinkle in confusion. She felt that she should know him, but something was not clicking right in her head.

The brunet tried his best to smile back as he caught her gaze moving to Riku. “U-um…I’m all right. H-how about you, Naminé?” He asked, moving closer to Riku the angel behind him as if trying to hide the taller male from the girl’s unwavering gaze.

Light blue eyes lit up in suspicion and narrowed in accordance to that emotion as Naminé tilted her head to the side in thought. Well, he has silver hair that reaches a bit passed his shoulders, a green eye ad a blue eye, lips thinner than Sora’s, and a complexion that shoots between moonlight pale to an extremely light tan in the light… She thought, pressing a finger to her chin, too deep in her inner monologue to catch Sora creeping around her with the other man.

It took a minute or two for Naminé’s brain to register the information, and she immediately snapped her fingers and brightened. “He’s Sephiroth’s baby brother Riku!” She chimed happily, looking up only to find that Sora was no longer in front of her. “Eh?” Her head snapped around to look around for the two men before she turned around completely and spotted the tall silver haired angel being led away by a brown mop of hair and a smaller frame. Naminé ran to catch up to the other two, grabbing Sora’s arm once she caught up and jerking him to a halt. “Wait!”

Sora irked and stopped abruptly, his fingers lacing with Riku’s and making the silveret purr slightly at the very much appreciated, comforting gesture. “Wh-what is it?” He asked, avoiding the others intense gaze.

The blonde girl huffed and moved her hands to her hips. “Why is Riku with you? Since when were you, um,” her eyes trailed downwards to the boy’s joined hands and back up to the content look on the angel’s face, “Since when were you, well, acquainted?”

Nervously, Sora looked at Riku and back at Naminé. “W-well…” He began, only to have a finger pressed against his lips.

“And, don’t lie to me, Sora. I’ll know,” the girl huffed seriously.

And, Sora believed her. With a sigh, the brunet gazed at the ground, thoughts completely blocked off from the other two people around him. “He fell in my courtyard last night…I-I came home and he was there, all dirty and wounded…I-I mean, I cleaned some of his wounds but most of them were too complicated for me. I gave him a bath too,” his cheeks heated at the confession, not in shame, just embarrassment, “a-and then I took him to see Joshua and Neku.”

Naminé remained silent for no longer than five seconds before she chortled and stomped her foot. “Then, let’s take him to the hospital. They’ll know what to do with him there—“

“B-but Joshua told me to take care of him myself!” Sora shouted quickly, cutting the other off with his surprisingly loud declaration.

“You say that, and I believe you—but don’t you want to know what’s wrong with—“

“He just has amnesia!” The brunet declared again as he pulled Riku closer to him, pouting slightly. Riku’s purring went unheard, for Sora was too focused on the problem before them.

Pushing some loose strands of hair behind her ear, Naminé sighed and shook her head. “Okay, Sora. Please calm down…Sora, let’s at least take him to the hospital to check his wounds. Would you at least let me do that? I’ll even go with you as reassurance,” she offered, her tone soft and extremely comforting considering the panicked state the boy in front of her was in.

Sora hesitantly glanced back at Riku, noticing his state of complete bliss, before looking back at Naminé. “I can still take care of him?” It’s a mission from the Composer…

“Of course,” the blonde girl said as she shined a bright smile. She had predicted several good flowers in the other's future, and she really was not willing to let an angel ruin it for the brunet.

The entire time, Sora tried to tell himself that he would be okay, that Riku was not going to be forced to leave, and that Naminé was not going to press him about her warning.




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